When was your last Body Corporate Audit?

Many committees and lot owners are unaware of what happens behind the scenes with the workings of their Body Corporate. However, it’s also quite common for the vote to audit to be skipped over at the Annual General Meeting so committee members can get on with more pressing agenda items.

Body Corporate audits are an important process for providing clarity over financial statements and provide owners with confidence that money is being spent where it should be. If you’re a lot owner, you can vote to have the accounts audited to ensure peace of mind in how your funds are being distributed.

Especially if you’re a new committee member or lot owner, finding information about Body Corporate Audits can be difficult and often overwhelming. Use this guide to learn more about why you might vote for an audit, when you should and how the process works.

We’ve put together this e-book to break down the benefits and the process of Body Corporate Audits.

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Body Corporate E-book

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